At Gather, we are focused on the mental and physical wellness of our clients. We are passionate about having different modalities to cultivate that wellness. So, whether you are 3 or 93, there is SOMETHING for you here. Check back here, often, as we are adding new offerings, regularly.

— Namaste, The Team at Gather

Gentle & Restore

Align. Stabilize. Stretch. Nourish.

This class combines equal halves of Gentle and Restorative Yoga. In the first half of the class, you will be guided through a gentle floor and standing asana. It will reconnect you to your body and allow for the fatigue and stress to start falling away. For the second half of the class, Jen will guide you through a series of Restorative Yoga postures. Props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks will be used to support your practice. Leave this class feeling relaxed, with new space for healing and inspiration.
Each Monday at 10am with Jen Yockey

Kriya Flow

Come to a Kundalini-inspired class uniquely designed to move the body but more-so, shift the consciousness and release pent up blockages of the psyche.
This class is on hiatus until the Fall. Make sure to check the schedule as Cassidy will be teaching workshops for kids & adults.

Connect. Open. Stretch. Challenge.

Challenging in a different way, Yin Yoga consists of longer held, mostly seated or lying postures that passively stretch connective tissue and muscles in order to unblock held energy and release physical tightness.
Class is set to soft music and guided instruction to cultivate stillness both in the mind and the body. Yin yoga helps students gain greater flexibility and mobility, as well as a new sense of mental calm and balance that continues off the mat.
Yin is a great way to balance the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga. Yin is appropriate for all levels (including prenatal).
Each Wednesday at 10am with Jen Yockey

Yin Yoga

Slide in to the weekend...GENTLY.

The slower pace of this Gentle flow class allows time to adjust each posture to best suit your body. This extremely accessible class is an ideal choice for anyone looking to develop a practice of conscious, mindful movement with some support. Moving from floor stretches to a gentle flow (without DFD), you will be guided to connect, slowly and gently, with your body and breath.
Each Saturday at 9:30am with Jen Yockey

Weekend Gentle

Jen has been in recovery since 2009. And since then, she has found many pathways to sustain her recovery; three of those pathways are yoga, meditation and community
She has created a safe and sacred space to come and breathe, move and connect with others that are either in recovery or considering their relationship with substances as well as behavioral patterns.
Additionally, she recognizes that addiction has a broader definition. We can become attached (unhealthily) to busyness, people, food, work, screens and people pleasing, too.
Regardless of the habits or ruts we have got ourselves in to, there is a way out. We do change, evolve, and thrive.

The ONLY label that you have when coming to this class is HUMAN. ♥

*Suggested donation: $5
*This is an all levels class.
*Bring a journal & pen
*You might be someone that is watching a loved one suffering, this class would be appropriate for you, too.
This Class begins August 2019 on Saturdays at 10:45a

Re-Cover :: Yoga, Meditation & Community

Sacred Sundays is a weekly opportunity to tune out of the head and into the spirit.  Paul guides you through a series of seated movements, breathing techniques, a small dose of kundalini exercises, and guided meditation.  Expect to leave feeling TOTALLY Blissed Out!

100% of your class fee goes to sponsoring children in the courses and workshops at Gather that are in conjunction with Desert Dragonfly Yoga
Each Sunday at 9:30am with Paul Barbeau

Sacred Sundays

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned yogi, join us mid-week to get out of “hurry-mode” and into a sense of relaxation with the perfect mix of Gentle + Yin to reset and balance your mind, body and spirit.

The movement is gentle, the music is soft, concluding with sweet resting postures lasting 2-8 minutes targeting the fascia and deep connective tissues of the body. Leave with a sense of tranquility ready to take on the rest of the week!
You may go home for the best night’s sleep of the week!
Each Wednesday evening at 6pm with Sharon Collins

Candlelight Gentle +Yin

Align. Stabilize. Stretch. Strength.

The slower pace of this Gentle classes allows time to modify each posture to best suit your body. These extremely accessible classes are an ideal choice for anyone looking to develop a practice of conscious, mindful movement with some support—from seniors to pregnant women to world-class athletes.
*Adjustments are always made for injury and for the safety of all participants.
Each Tuesday and Thursday at 10am with Jen Yockey

Gentle Yoga

The focus of this class is:
*core strength
*injury prevention
Whether you play golf, tennis, cycle or have felt that you want improved flexibility, balance and strength, this class is for you.
This class will resume November 2019.


This is a 60 minute experience that will not only relax but rejuvenate.

People often describe that they feel like they are being submerged in sound, like the sound waves created by the Tibetan singing bowls are a visceral thing and they are washed in waves of water. They use words like “cleansed” and “cleared” to describe their experience.

One Tibetan Bowl Practitioner said "I like to joke that there’s mindful meditation and mind-emptying meditation; Sound Bath is the latter. You see, your brain is like a human computer. You have all these tabs open and, over time, your system will remind you that it’s time to reboot. When you finally allow your system to re-calibrate, what happens? It comes back faster, fresher and clearer."

Bring your yoga mat, pillow and blanket or you are welcome to use our props.

*This is a donation based class.
The second Sunday of each month with Billy Cordell.

Sound Bath Sundays

Rise with the Sun

Rise With the Sun is a dependable flow of seated warm-ups, sun salutations with an added dose of warrior poses and ends with a solid 15 minutes of guided relaxation in savasana. 
Paul does a fantastic job of gently waking up the body and setting the tone for another great day. 
This class meets Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 7am.

Join Bari for this 60 minute restorative experience that will calm the central nervous system and cultivate relaxation.
Deeply Rest and Restore using healing restorative yoga (all poses are on the floor using props for support), transformative guided meditation and aromatherapy.
Bring your yoga mat and an eye pillow or small towel for use during meditation. Your mind and body will thank you!
This class meets on Tuesdays at 6pm.

Desert Zen